This Week’s Manners Themes

This week's themes at Mrs. McVeigh's Manners include Morning Routines, Get Your Room Organized, and Get Organized for School. Here are some questions to ask your student about these topics.

Ask your child about Morning Routines
• Ask your child to what the word “routine” means.
o Regular, a habit, or a practice.
• Ask your child what kind of things he should get done each morning, to complete his morning routine.
o Get up on time, eat breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed, get backpack and lunch, etc…
• Ask your child what you can do to help him start his new routine tomorrow.

Ask your child about Getting his Room Organized
• Ask your child what he can do to make his room more organized.
• Ask your child what the three piles are when you are cleaning out your closet and room.
o Keep pile, give away pile, throw out/recycle pile.
• Ask your child if towels belong in their room, or in their bathroom, hung up on the towel rack.

Ask your child about Getting Organized for School
• Ask your child if he should put his backpack or school bag in the same spot, or a different spot, when he gets home from school every day.
• Ask your child where he plans on keeping his homework supplies. (Pencils, paper, etc…)
• Ask your child what he is going to do with paperwork that you need to look over and sign.
o He is going to ask you to sign any papers or write any notes the night before, so he can put them back in his backpack that evening.