Baby shower for the 3rd or 4th Child?

Dear Mrs. McVeigh,
I wrote to you several months ago concerning a baby shower that I felt that I needed to attend for a co-worker. What annoyed me at the time is it was for this woman’s 4th child, and 3rd girl. Now I am really annoyed because not only have I not received a thank you note, but not even a verbal thank you, and the shower was two months ago! What amazes me even further is that some people at my office have visited her at the hospital and brought her even more presents! My question to you is what is the amount of time a person should take to send a thank you note? I am thinking I am never going to receive one.
Frustrated Gift Giver

Dear Frustrated Gift Giver,
I understand your frustration and I am amazed also that people in your office keep on giving to this person, and she does not seem to thank them. In the case of a baby shower or gift, a thank you note should be sent within a week of the shower.

A tip to get your thank you notes out faster is to see who is on the RSVP list and pre-address the envelopes, put on a stamp, and start the thank you note with a “Dear Elise,” and put the note card back in the envelope. When you go to write your notes, you are already halfway there, and the whole process will go a lot faster, and will be a lot less painful.