Themes of the Week April 27, 2020

The themes of the week are Airplanes, and Travel manners. 

Ask your child the following questions about airplanes:

  • Should you have an extra quiet voice on an airplane?  Why or why not?
  • Can you get up anytime and move around?
  • Name some good activities on an airplane.

Ask your children about having good manners when they Travel 

  • What do we say to our parents before and after a vacation?
    • Thank you for taking me on vacation.
  • Is it okay to fight with our brothers and sisters on a trip?
  • When traveling, should we have our things all over our room, or nice and neat?
  • Is it okay to do our own thing, or should we stay close to our parents or group at all times?

Week 10 March 16      Telephone/Cellphone, Calling 911

Ask your child about talking on the telephone and having good telephone manners.

Ask your younger child the following questions:

  • How do we answer the phone, and what do we say before we hang up? 
    • Hello and Good-bye
  • What is something good to talk about on the phone? 
    • Ask someone how there day is going, and what we are doing that day.
  • Is it okay to play a video game or look at our IPad when on the phone?
    • No, we should give the person our full attention.