Manners Themes of the Week May 4, 2020

Ask your child about talking on the telephone and having good telephone manners.

Ask your younger child the following questions:

  • How do we answer the phone, and what do we say before we hang up? 
    • Hello and Good-bye
  • What is something good to talk about on the phone? 
    • Ask someone how there day is going, and what we are doing that day.
  • Is it okay to play a video game or look at our Ipad when on the phone?
    • No, we should give the person our full attention. 

Ask your child the reasons that you would call 911:

  • There is a fire.      
  • A tricky person is telling you to help him find his lost pet, when you are playing.       
  • A tricky person tries to get you to go into his car for any reason. 
  • A person stops breathing.
  • A person is unconscious.
  • A person will not wake up.
  • A person bangs on your door and says he is the police, when you did not call a police officer.