Mrs. McVeigh’s Manners Themes of the Week Travel & Public Transportation

Ask your children about having good manners when they Travel

  • What do we say to our parents before and after a vacation?
    • Thank you for taking me on vacation.
  • Is it okay to fight with our brothers and sisters on a trip?
  • When traveling, should we have our things all over our room, or nice and neat?
  • Is it okay to do our own thing, or should we stay close to our parents or group at all times?

Ask your child the following questions about riding on Public Transportation:

  • When getting on public transportation (such as a bus or subway), do you get on before or after people on the transportation get off?
    • Let the people off first before you get on.
  • Can you take your time to find the right seat?
    • No, you need to find a seat quickly.
  • When you are about to get off, what is something important to do?
    • Be ready to go when it is your stop, making sure you have all of your belongings.
      • `Counting how many things you have with you is a good way to keep track of them every time.