Mind Your Manners – even when you are Mad!

Dear Mrs. McVeigh,
Yesterday I was getting food to go at a local restaurant, and I wish you could have been there! This well-manicured man walks up to the counter, and shoves his phone in this kid’s face at the counter. He hostilely said he had been on hold for 15 minutes, trying to place a to-go order, and demanded his food for free. The poor kid tried to explain how they are currently short staffed, and apologized profusely. The man continued to be angry, and continued to make demands. The man was acting like an entitled brat! How do you think it should have been handled?
Mindy V.

Dear Mindy V,
I wish I would have been there too! I would have been tempted to tell this man to relax, and give the employees of the restaurant a break. It sounds like this man is used to being in charge, but I would hate to be one of his employees, if this is how he treats people. I understand his frustration, but this type of behavior is uncalled for in any situation. He should have nicely told the young man about how long he was on hold, in order to do the restaurant a favor. It would then have been nice for the restaurant to give the man some kind of discount on his order. But if I was the young kid at the front getting yelled at, I would not have wanted to anything for that man, except get him out of my site.

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