“B” and “D” for Bread and Drink…

Dear Mrs. McVeigh,
A few weeks ago I was at a round table dinner. My boyfriend said that his bread plate was the one to his right, and I said it was on the left. I remember learning in Kindergarten that our teacher made a letter b with her left hand, and a letter d with her right hand. She said to remember “bread” and “drink,” meaning your bread plate is on the left, and your drink is on your right. Is this correct?

Dear S.M.,
You are correct, and the “b” and “d” trick is one that I teach my students. You can also think BMW – meaning Bread, Meal, Water. To clarify all of this, please notice the in-depth place setting that I have attached. I created this as a hand-out to my older students, (It is also available laminated on my website store at Mrs. McVeigh's Manners Store.)