Manners Themes of the Week June 8, 2020

Ask your child about what it means to be a good Conversationalist

  • Does being a good conversationalist mean that you are only a good talker?
    • No, it means you are not only a good talker, but you are a good listener. 
  • Does a good conversationalist argue their point?
    • No. Try to listen to their point of view in a respectful way.
  • What are justifiers?
    • Filler words, such as “umm” and “like.”
  • What are some “small talk” topics?
    • The weather.
    • Your day.
    • Where you are going on vacation.

Ask your child about being a Good Listener

  • When someone is talking, if we think we have something really important to say, is it okay to interrupt them?
    • No.
  • How do we know the person is done talking, so we do not interrupt them?
    • Count to five before you speak.
  • What if we do not care what the person is saying?
    • Listen anyway.
  • What is a non-verbal way to show we are listening to someone.
    • Nod your head every once in a while.