Tell People to Wear a Mask?

Dear Mrs. McVeigh,

During this Covid-19 pandemic, I am doing what the governor of my state says to do, and I am following the CDC guidelines. This includes wearing a mask where ever you go. I am appalled at the people who are not doing the same. I want to say something to people when I see them, but my husband told me to mind my own business. I feel like someone not wearing a mask is being inconsiderate of others, and downright selfish. Do you think it would be okay to say something to these people?


Dear Anonymous,

I understand your frustration with the situation. I am also a rule follower, and bring a mask with me at all times. The problem is that people are at all levels of scared, panicked, and thinking that this is a huge over-reaction, and even hoax. A lot of people are just over this whole shelter in place idea, and are moving on. I am not saying anyone’s opinion with this is right or wrong. I am saying that even if you say something to someone, I do not think you will change their mind, or make them aware of what they are supposed to be doing. My advice is to steer clear of people without masks if you feel like they could jeopardize your health. Hopefully this will all be over soon. Stay safe!