Themes of the Week June 1, 2020

This week's themes are Utensil Use and Eating at School. Ask your child the following questions about utensil use.
• What is a utensil?
o A fork, knife, or spoon.
• What are serving utensils?
o Larger utensils, that are used to serve food.
• Can you please show me how to:
o Hold your fork.
o How to cut.
o How to rest your utensils.
o Finished position.
Use the hand-out to make sure your student is doing this correctly.

Ask your child about what it means to have good manners when eating at school, and ask the following questions.
• When we are at lunch, it is a time to take a break and have fun, so can we use a loud voice, or do we need to use a quiet voice?
o A quiet voice.
• If we do not like everything in our lunch, should we only eat the things we like?
o No,