Manners Themes of the Week April 13, 2020

Balanced Eating/Nutrition,Restaurants

Ask your child about having balanced and healthy meals, and ask the following questions.

  • Name some healthy foods that you like to eat.
  • What is a balanced meal?
    • When you have all healthy foods, and only one treat, such as a soft drink, or a dessert.
  • What would be a good substitute for French fries?
    • Fruit.
  • What would be a good substitute for a soft drink?
    • Water.

·      How can it be considered rude if we do not try everything that we are served?

o   The person who cooked it may offer to make you something else, if she notices that you are not eating. We never want to make a hostess or host feel like they have to do something special for us.

Ask your child about having good restaurant manners, and ask the following questions.

  • Who is the first person who greets us at the door, with menus?
    • The host or hostess.
  • What is the first thing we do when we sit down at our table?
    • Put a napkin on our lap.
  • If a utensil falls on the ground, what should we do?
    • Politely tell the server, and let him or her bring a new one.
  • What is the extra money called that we leave for a server?
    • A tip.
  • What do we do if someone we know (or our parents know) comes by our table to say hello?
    • We introduce them to everyone at the table, and stop eating until they leave.