Is Ok To Tell Strangers How To Wear A Mask?

Dear Mrs. McVeigh

I am very concerned about how quickly the Coronavirus is spreading. I do not think the whole situation has been handled very well from our public officials. However, I am glad that it is now a requirement in my county that people have to wear a mask when going into a public place. The issue I have is that when I am out, I am noticing that people are not wearing their masks correctly. Do you think it would be rude to tell people that their mask is on incorrectly? I am just trying to help save lives.

Thank you.


Dear Anonymous,

You are very kind to want to help save people’s lives. I have seen people with their masks on incorrectly too. First, people seem to be all over the place on how they feel about the suggested solutions on how to fight the coronavirus. Some people gladly are putting on masks, and others are very bitter about it. I am worried that someone would say something rude to you even if you nicely pointed out to them that their mask is not on correctly. Second, my hunch is that most people do know how to correctly wear them, but are choosing to pull them down beneath their nose, etc… Most people who are wearing masks – willingly or not -  complain about not being able to breathe very well, therefore will adjust them in a way that defeats the purpose. Thank you for attempting to help others fight this virus, but unfortunately your good intentions may not be taken as such.