Charge your own group for speaking?

Dear Mrs. McVeigh,
There is a man in an organization that I belong to that charges us when he speaks to our group. He is also a member of the organization, so I am surprised that he charges us. I know that he is a professional who needs to make money, but I still think it is odd that he charges us. It is not like he is a professional speaker – he is speaking on a topic that he knows because of what he does for a living. Do you think this is rude? Should I say something to him? Thanks.

Dear Anonymous,
I do speak professionally for a living, and I do not charge organizations that I am a member of. It feels wrong to me, because I think as a volunteer, you should contribute however you can. Also, I would not want anyone to think I am in the organization for self-serving reasons. As for talking to him about it, see if you can do it in a light hearted way. You can say something with a teasing tone such as, “Robert, you know we are not made of money. Give your group a break, and speak to us this year at no cost. It can be part of your contribution.” See if he responds well to this. Your Treasurer could possibly offer him a tax deduction for an in-kind donation.