Living Politely as Business Neighbors

Dear Mrs. McVeigh,

I am a new business owner, leasing space next door to a resident who apparently travels often for business. When she is in town, she gets upset when my customers park too close to her property line. The solution she is seeking is out of my hands, and is up to the owner of my building. We unfortunately got into an altercation recently over the whole issue. I typically am an easy -going person, but I ended up losing my temper over her rudeness towards the whole situation. I do not want to have tension with a neighbor, so how do you suggest that I nicely resolve this? Thank you.


Dear Anonymous,

Having tension with a neighbor is obviously frustrating, and something that you should resolve. Next time she is in town, have a face-to-face conversation with her, and apologize for losing your temper. You are not saying that she is right, but you are simply apologizing for your reaction. Tell her you too would like to get the issue solved to her satisfaction, but it is out of your hands. Until the owner is able to correct the problem to her satisfaction, tell her to bear with you and your customers, and that you will all do your best to keep off of her property line. Hopefully she will in return act more pleasant if she ever comes in contact with you.