Ally Etiquette – It really is a thing

Dear Mrs. McVeigh,
Many of us have alley access to our garages.  I often back out to see another car in the alley.  At that point a determination must be made as to who needs to yield.  I typically pull back into my driveway to allow the other car to pass.  There are times, however, that the car never passes as they turn into another driveway prior to passing behind mine.

My suggestion is simple…once a car in the alley approaches their destination driveway, they could simply turn on their turn signal and slightly angle the front of the car toward the intended direction.  This allows other drivers in the alley to recognize that the car is simply waiting for an electronic gate of garage door to open for access.
Thank you.

Dear N.T.,
I think your suggestion is right on point. What people often forget is that they have to live with their neighbors for a long period of time, and common courtesies such as this are often over-looked. My neighbors are the last people I would want to anger, because I want to be comfortable when I pull in and out of my driveway. Nothing is better after a tough day than pulling into my driveway and receiving a friendly wave from my neighbors. I feel like we look out for one another, and I would not want to jeopardize that by not having the common courtesy to yield in the ally. Thank you for reading my blog, and for a great solution.