A Mom has a Video of my minor Child Drinking

Dear Mrs. McVeigh,
I recently found out that a mom in my high school son’s friend group, has my son and his friends on video drinking. She told me that she has it because she was “keeping an eye on things.” I am not sure if she checked the security camera in her house, or if she has cameras set up for the intention of spying on her children and their friends. Either way, I feel threatened by her having video of my son drinking. I heard college counselors speak at a high school meeting, and they said that their schools get videos of potential students drinking every year. They are obviously sent in by potential students or their parents, who feel like the student in the video could get into the college that they want to attend, and take away their spot. I am not sure of this mother’s intentions with the video. All my husband has said is, “Don’t make this mom mad.” What do you think I should do?
Distressed high school mom

Dear Distressed high school mom,
I feel very disturbed (and naive) about what you have written me. I would feel very upset and threatened if a parent came to me with this information the way this mom did you. If she was trying to tell you that your son has a drinking problem, and then prove it to you if you were in denial, that would be one thing. But it sounds like she told you in a matter of fact way, that she has video of him doing something illegal. I agree with the saying that it “takes a village,” and how sad that your son has friends whose parents do not watch over and protect all of the children in their lives.

As for what action to take, if you really have concern about her having the video, I would scare her back. I would casually mention that you are worried about her having the video, because if anyone ever sees it, they could turn her in for serving minors in her home. I have heard of parents getting fined and one even sent to jail for minors consuming alcohol in their house. Even if you are not directly giving it to them, or are not home, you are still responsible. In this case you are going to have to fight fire with fire.
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