Trick or Treat Manners for Kids!

Hi parents. If your children are still young enough to Trick or Treat, here are some things to review before the big night!

Only go up to doors with a porch light on.

When you go up to the door, patiently wait your turn.

Let the person with the candy offer it to you. Do not just grab it.

If they invite you to help yourself to the candy bowl, only take one piece.

If you do not like what they give you, act grateful anyway.

If a bowl of candy is left on a porch unattended, be honest and only take one piece. Encourage your friends and siblings to do the same.

Always say Thank you.

Do not comment on how you do not like what you got after you leave. You never know how much they can hear, or who else may be walking by who may hear you.

Have a safe and fun night!

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