Oct 22, 2019 Manners Themes of the Week

This week at Mrs. McVeigh’s Manners we are getting ready for Halloween, and one of our themes is Trick or Treat Manners. The other theme this week is how to set the table.

Ask your child to show you how he/she can set a table! (Refer to the picture.)
Tip: Even if you do not have the whole family together for dinner, sit down together with the family members that are at home, even if it is just one adult, and one child.

Ask your child the following questions about having good manners when going to Trick or Treat.

• What do you do if someone does not have their lights on at their house?
o You need to skip the house.
• What if someone leaves out a bowl of candy, and you are supposed to help yourself? How many pieces should you take?
o Just one – leave some candy for other people.
• What if you do not like the candy that you are given?
o Accept it, and say thank you.
• What if you are allowed to pick your own candy? How many should you take?
o Just one!
• What do you say no matter what they give you?
o Thank you!!