No Need to Lecture Me!

Dear Mrs. McVeigh,

Here we are several months in to this Covid-19 pandemic. My state is saying that we can get out to restaurants, etc… so my husband and I have been going out to eat again. Not only do we enjoy it, but we like supporting the workers and owners of the restaurants in our area. 

The other day we asked invited a couple who we have been friends with for years to go to dinner with us. To my surprise my friend went off on me, asking me why I would put myself and my family at risk by going out again. She said that Covid cases are on the rise, because people are going out sooner than they should. She gave me a lecture like I was her ten-year-old child. I honestly did not know what to say back, so I just listened, and got off of the phone as soon as I could. She really offended me, and I do not know if I should say something to her or not. I respect other people’s point to view, but do not want to be lectured to by her, or anyone. Help! 


Dear Anonymous,

As you obviously know, everyone seems to be at a different comfort level with this whole pandemic. However, I am sorry that your friend felt the need to lecture you. All she had to say was, “Thank you for the invitation, but my husband and I are not read to go out to restaurants yet. When we are, I look forward to all of us getting together.” As for going forward, I would let it go at this point that she gave you a lecture that you did not want to hear.  People (rightly) seem to be extremely emotional over this whole issue, and you may have caught her at a bad moment. I think we all are seconds away at any given moment from losing it. However, if she has a pattern of speaking to you in a disagreeable way, I would think about if you would like to continue the friendship. If you would, then politely tell her that you are sure she does not mean to, but she has a habit of lecturing you.