Manners Themes of the Week June 15, 2020

This week's manners themes are Title's and Acknowledging People.
Ask your child about People’s Titles
• What do you call a married or divorced woman?
o Ms. or Mrs. McVeigh
• What do you call a man or woman who is a physician?
o Dr. McVeigh
• What do you call a married or unmarried adult?
o Mr. McVeigh
• What do you call someone who is a judge?
o Judge McVeigh

Ask your child about Acknowledging Adults and Peers
• Shake hands to greet people and say hello.
• Remind your child to use these skills before you walk into any social situation, where they will have the opportunity to shake hands with people.
• Role-play meeting or greeting people with your child, before they walk into a possible situation where they need to do this.
• Remind your child to always acknowledge adults who they know. They should walk up to the adult, offer to shake hands, and say hello.
• Look for opportunities to reinforce this behavior, such as telling your child to thank a coach after a practice or game, and shake his/her hand.