Mrs. McVeigh’s Manners Themes of the Week Social Media & Telephones

Ask your child about social media.

  • Name two types of social media.
    • YouTube
    • TiKTok
  • Is it okay to lie about your age to get onto social media?
    • No.
  • If you post something on social media, and then change your mind, can you take it down?
    • Yes, but it is still could be seen or found later.
  • Is it okay to take a picture of video of someone and then post it on social media without asking them?
    • No.
  • Should we become friends with people on social media who we have never met before?
    • No.

Ask your child about talking on the telephone and having good Telephone manners.

Ask your younger child the following questions:

  • How do we answer the phone, and what do we say before we hang up?
    • Hello and Good-bye
  • What is something good to talk about on the phone?
    • Ask someone how there day is going, and what we are doing that day.
  • Is it okay to play a video game or look at our IPad when on the phone?
    • No, we should give the person our full attention.

Ask your older child the following questions:

  • Should you answer a cell phone at a movie?
  • Is it okay to have your cell phone at the table while eating.
  • Is it okay to text your friends anytime?