Mrs. McVeigh’s Manners Themes of the Week Shopping and School

This week's Mrs. McVeigh's Manners Themes of the Week are Shopping and School.

Ask your child about good Shopping manners:

  • When at a grocery store, should you walk like a lady or gentleman, or ride on the side of the cart?
  • Is it okay to put things in the cart without permission?
  • Is it okay to whine, because you do not like to shop?
  • Should you tickle your brother or sister while in a store, or walk like a lady or gentleman by your mom or dad’s side?

Ask your child about what it means to have good manners at School, and the following questions!

  • Give an example of using a respectful tone.
    • Saying “yes,” instead of “yeah.” 
  • When a teacher asks you to do something, when should you do it?
    • Right away.
  • Should you do what you want, or what your teacher wants you to do?
    • What the teacher wants.
  • Why is that?
    • For the whole class to have a good day and learn a lot, the teacher has to have all the students follow her rules.