Mrs. McVeigh’s Manners Themes of the Week Patience and Sharing

Ask your child the following questions about Patience:

  • Please name some examples of when you have to be patient?
    • Waiting your turn on the slide.
    • Waiting your turn to play during a game.
    • Waiting for Christmas or our birthday.
  • Please give me an idea on how you can become more patient.

Ask your child the following questions about Sharing:

  • Please give me an example of how you have shared with someone in the past few days?
  • Why do you think that sharing is important?
    • Sharing is important because not everyone has what you have. It is nice to be giving to others.
  • What are some other ways that you can share?
  • What is something that you should not share?
    • Food (unless you have permission from an adult).
    • Homework answers.