Mrs. McVeigh’s Manners Themes of the Week Door & Elevators

This week's Mrs. McVeigh's Manners Themes of the Week are Doors and Elevators.

Ask your child the following questions about Doors.

  • If you get to a door at the same time someone else is trying to get out, should you go through the door first, and let people wait for you, or should you try to let people out first?
  • Let people out first.
  • Who should you open a door for?
  • Everyone, especially older people, or people who have their hands full, like they are pushing a stroller. And gentlemen open doors for ladies.
  • If a lady and a gentleman are about to go through a revolving door, who should go through it first?
  • The gentleman does, because going first like opening the door for her.

Ask your child the following questions about Elevators.

  • If you are waiting to get on an elevator and there are people inside, should you get on right away, or wait for them to get off ?
  • Let them off before you get on.
  • If you are near the panel of buttons, should people lean over you to press their floor?
  • No, you should ask them what floor they need as soon as they get on.
  • Who should get off of an elevator first?
  • Ladies, older or disabled people, and people with their hands full.