Manners Themes of the Week March 2, 2020

Tricky People/Stranger Danger, How to Stop a Bully

Ask your child the following questions about Tricky People.

  • What is a tricky person?
  • People who we do not know, and try to talk to us when there is not an adult around.
  • People we do know who make us feel uncomfortable.
  • People we should stay away from.
  • People who we may not use our best manners with, if we need to get away from them quickly.
  • How do we handle Tricky People?
    • Get away from the Tricky person as soon as possible.
    • Tell an adult we trust if a person makes us uncomfortable. 

Ask your child the following questions about how to stop a bully.

  • Should you use a confident, or an unsure voice when speaking to a bully?
  • If you are on the playground, should you play close to your teacher, or away from your teacher?
  • Should you try to have friends around you, or be alone with a bully?
  • Should you look and act scared when you are talking to a bully?
  • Why or why not?