Manners Themes of the Week February 24, 2020

This week's themes include: Thankyou Notes, Sharing, and Patience.

Ask your child the following questions about thank you notes:

  • Why do we write thank you notes?
    • So people know we appreciate their gift.
  • What kind of paper should we use when writing a thank you note?
    • Stationery.
  • Did you write a thank you note to someone today, and/or make your own stationery?  
  • Who was your thank you to, and what did it say?

Ask your child the following questions about sharing:

  • Who can give me an example of how you have shared with someone in the past few days?
  • Why do you think that sharing is important? 
  • Are there some things that you should not share?
    • Do not share homework, and test answers.

Ask your child the following questions about being patient.

  • Can you name some examples of when you have to be patient?
    • Waiting your turn on the slide.
    • Waiting your turn to play during a game. 
    • Waiting for Christmas or our birthday.
  • What are some ideas on how to become more patient?
  • When being patient in a line, consider doing something else, and then come back, and see if the line is shorter.
  • If you do wait in a line, talking to the people around you makes time go faster.
  • If you are waiting for your parent to get off the phone, think of something to play with until they are done.