Manners Themes of the Week

This week student's are learning about Table Manners, Getting Organized for School, and Meeting and Greeting.

Week 3 – Table Manners, Get Organized at School, Meeting and Greeting

Ask your child about having good table manners, and the following questions.
• Who is the hostess?
o The hostess is the female of the house.
• Where does the hostess sit?
o She sits at the head of one end of the dining table.
• Who is the host, and where does he sit?
o The host is the male of the house, and he sits at the other end of the table.
• What is the first thing you do when you sit down?
o Put your napkin on your lap.
• When can you start eating?
o When everyone is seated, is served his food, and the hostess has taken her first bite.

Ask your child about Getting Organized at School
Ask your child what he can do to get more organized at school.
• Ask your child how often he should clean out his locker or cubby.
o Daily.
• Ask your child if getting organized gives you better or worse grades.

Ask your child about Meeting and Greeting people!
Ask your child to show you how to meet or greet adults, and look for the three things that we discussed.

1. Make good eye contact.
2. Have a firm handshake.
3. Use a clear and loud enough voice.