Manners Themes of the Day

Ask your child about Meeting and Greeting people!

Ask your child to show you how to meet or greet adults, and look for the three things that we discussed.
1. Make good eye contact.
2. Have a firm handshake.
3. Use a clear and loud enough voice.
• Remind your child to use these skills before you walk into any social situation, where they will have the opportunity to shake hands with people.
• Role-play meeting or greeting people with your child, before they walk into a possible situation where they need to do this.
• Remind your child to always acknowledge adults who they know. They should walk up to the adult, offer to shake hands, and say hello.
• Look for opportunities to reinforce this behavior, such as telling your child to thank a coach after a practice or game, and shake his/her hand.
Ask your child to show you how he/she can set a table! (See attached example)
Tip: Even if you do not have the whole family together for dinner, sit down together with the family members that are at home, even if it is just one adult, and one child.

Ask your child about what it means to have Respect
• It means you use kind words.
• You use a good tone of voice.
• Reply yes (or no) mam/sir.
• Have good eye contact.

Ask your child the following questions about being a good Spectator:
• What does it mean to be a spectator?
o A spectator is watching an event, such as a movie, or sporting event.
• Is it okay to get up during the event anytime that you want to? Why?
o No, because you could disrupt the event and/or other spectators.
• Is it okay to talk during an event, such as a movie or play? Why?
o No, because you could disrupt the event and/or other spectators.