Manners Themes of the Day

Here are some questions to ask your child today.

Ask your child about Getting Organized for School.
• Ask your child to what the phrase “designated spot” means.
o A regular place that you choose to keep something.
• Ask your child where he plans on keeping his homework supplies. (Pencils, paper, etc…)
• Ask your child what he is going to do with paperwork that you need to look over and sign.
o He is going to ask you to sign any papers or write any notes the night before, so he can put them back in his backpack that evening.

Ask your child the following about Getting Organized at School:
• Ask your child what he can do to get more organized at school.
• Ask your child how often he should clean out his locker or cubby.
o Daily.
• Ask your child if getting organized gives you better or worse grades.

Ask your child about what it means to have good manners at school, and the following questions!
• Give an example of using a respectful tone.
o Saying “yes,” instead of “yeah.”
• When a teacher asks you to do something, when should you do it?
o Right away.
• Should you do what you want, or what your teacher wants you to do?
o What the teacher wants.
• Why is that?
o For the whole class to have a good day and learn a lot, the teacher has to have all the students follow her rules.

Ask your child the following questions about riding a school bus:
• Should you have an extra quiet voice on a school bus? Why or why not?
• Can you get up anytime and move around?
• Is it okay to shout to your friend across the aisle?
• What should you do if someone is bothering you while on the bus?
o If someone is bothering you, get up and inform the driver when the bus is stopped.

Ask your child about what it means to have good manners when eating at school, and ask the following questions.
• When we are at lunch, it is a time to take a break and have fun, so can we use a loud voice, or do we need to use a quiet voice?
o A quiet voice.
• If we do not like everything in our lunch, should we only eat the things we like?
o No, at least try everything that is in our lunch.
• Is it okay to throw food?
o No.
• Since we are eating lunch with our friends, do we have to use our good manners?
o Yes, always use your best manners.
• If someone is sitting alone, what should we do?
o Eat with him.