Annoying Emails from Someone I Actually Like

Dear Mrs. McVeigh,
A few months ago, one of my co-workers was laid off while I was out of the office. When I returned and found out he was no longer employed, I emailed him (from my home email) and wished him well. He replied and said he was glad I wanted to keep in touch.

Ever since then, he sends me daily emails with “Thought for The Day.” He has a group of people as recipients. If I reply to him and ask how his job search is going, he never answers. Yet I receive these daily emails. There are actually 5 different thoughts on each one. Way too many and sometimes not very upbeat. I am at the point where I just delete them without reading. When he said “keep in touch” I had no idea he meant by daily emails.

I want him to stop sending me these “Thoughts for the Day,” yet do not want to hurt his feelings. How should I handle? Thanks.

Dear S.L.,
It sounds like your former co-worker has not found a job yet if he suddenly has time to send everyone a “Thought for the Day,” email especially if they are not all positive. There are options on how to handle this. See if there is an “Unsubscribe” button at the bottom on his email. If there is not, then you can mark his email address as Spam. If you would still like to keep in touch with this person, tell him that you are overwhelmed on receiving emails such as this, and to please remove you from his list. You can then add that you would love to hear how he is personally doing when he gets a chance. He hopefully will respect your wishes and stop the annoying emails.