Happy Father’s Day for All?

This questions came after Father's Day last year. Also, Happy Father's Day to my sweet husband, who is a great dad!

Dear Mrs. McVeigh,
My husband’s stepfather does not have any children of his own, has been in my husband’s family his whole adult life, and is the most involved grandfather to our children.  My mother-in-law invited us over Sunday to celebrate Father’s Day, and when my husband’s biological father found out we went to their house before going to his house, he was very hurt and upset.  He barely spoke to us the rest of the day after we mentioned where we had been.

Were we wrong to do this?  Should we have celebrated with the stepfather another day?  We have a good relationship with my mother and father-in-law, and they get along okay too, but this seemed to really hurt my father-in-laws feelings.

Dear Anonymous,
I think it is fine that you went to both the father and stepfather’s houses to celebrate Father’s Day.  I suggest your husband has a talk with his biological dad and see why it bothers him so much.  If he says that this man was not your husband’s father, your husband can explain that it is more for the grandchildren, and that this is your way of thanking him for being a part of your children’s lives.  Moving forward if you want to go to the stepfather’s house again next year, I think you have every right to do so.  Hopefully your husband’s biological father will understand your point of view and accept it.

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