Frustration When Eating Out – Who is Right?

Dear Mrs. McVeigh,
The other day I went to a very popular restaurant. Originally my group thought we had five people, and then one lady came for a few minutes with her baby. Another showed up with the intention of eating quickly and then going back to work. The restaurant sat us in a round booth that we all fit in comfortably. The manager then came by with a frown on her face and told us that the booth is not made for more than seven people, and that we should not be sitting there. She said their plates are very large and not meant to have that many on this table. She did not ask us to leave, but we felt like we were being reprimanded like bad acting Kindergarteners. My group was not trying to get away with anything or be dishonest. We really thought that we were only going to have five people when we asked for a table. Do you think I am wrong to be mad at the manager who said something to us?
Frustrated Diner

Dear Frustrated Diner,
I think the manager acted unprofessionally. If she had any concern, or even wanted to make a point of you being wrong, she should have come over with a smile on her face, asking if you were comfortable. She could have said they misunderstood how many were in your party, and wanted you to know that their plates are large and may not fit as well around the table as they like them too. She could have then asked if you were comfortable, or would you like to wait for a larger table. Being rude to people is not acceptable in any situation, especially in one where you are serving customers.