Discretion is Always Important

A teacher at my child’s school is on a mission to make sure the students are dressed within the dress code. I am in favor of following the rules, especially when it comes to a dress code. What bothers me is that she will point it out to a student in front of everyone. To me it does not matter if a student has broken the dress code, or your best friend has toilet paper on her shoe. Never announce something like this in front of a group of people, and make sure you offer to help with a solution.

I know I get embarrassed anytime something like this is pointed out to me. I realize that it is not a big deal in the overall scheme of life, but it is embarrassing when for example everyone around you suddenly stares at the hole in your shirt. Then you want to ask everyone, “Do you have an extra shirt with you? Then what do you expect me to do about it?”

People should also consider their timing. If I have a stain on my dress and am about to walk into a big meeting and give a presentation, why would you tell me that I have a stain? I am then going to focus on the stain and hope no one notices it. It will hinder my ability to give my presentation with confidence.

No matter what our age or whoever is around us, we all get uncomfortable when we are told that we have an issue with our appearance. If you think you need to point it out to someone, do so discreetly and only do so if you are able to help the person fix the issue.