Bad Trick or Treat Manners are Scary

Dear Mrs. McVeigh,

I am not trying to sound like an uptight old woman, but I get very upset every year on Halloween night. Young people do not have the manners that they used to, and I am appalled when they come to my door to “Trick or Treat.” A “thank you” would be nice, as well as an understanding that lights off means I ran out of candy. Last year I had some kids ring my doorbell and run repeatedly. Please remind parents of good manners for their children on Halloween night. Thank you. 


Dear Anonymous,

I am glad to review Trick or Treat manners. Parents, I suggest role-playing with your children before the big night. Remind them that no matter what kind of candy they are given, to say “Thank you.” I had a child one year tell me he did not like what he gave me, and demanded another kind of candy. When I refused (to make a point), he came back and threw the candy back in the bucket. Also, please remind your children that if the candy bowl is offered to them to choose some candy, one per customer is good manners.