Always Help People with their Luggage

Dear Mrs. McVeigh,
I am a female, and I travel all over the country for work. When I fly into my destination, someone at one of the local offices will pick me up from the airport. I have noticed that chivalry has gone out the door in a lot of cases. I will be lugging my bags to the car, and a lot of men will not offer to help me. I finally asked my husband if he had a female co-worker who had luggage, would he offer to take her bags. He replied, “Of course I would.” I am glad I married the right man, but as for the other men out there, can you give them a crash course in being a gentleman please? Thank you!

Dear Anonymous,
I agree with you that not all men were brought up like your husband has been. I will take it a step further and say that if I was picking up a man from the airport, I would offer to help him with his bags. I think being polite is holding doors for people no matter what sex you or the other person is. I also think boys should be taught to be gentleman. This includes opening the car door for a woman; standing up when a woman gets up from a dinner table, and again when she returns to the table. If it is raining, a man should walk a lady to her car, while carrying an umbrella so she does not get wet. If a female is carrying in groceries or a lot of bags from the car, a gentleman should run out to help her. This also includes young men (and young ladies) calling their elders sir, mam, and Mr. or Mrs., followed by their last name.