What Should We Get My Sister’s In-Laws for Christmas?

Dear Mrs. McVeigh,
We go to my sister’s house every Christmas. Her in-laws are coming in this year from out of town. I do not know them very well, but feel like I need to get them gifts. My husband said we should not feel obligated to get them anything. But what if they get us something? It is her husband’s parents, his sister and husband, and their three children.

Dear P.W.,
I do not think you should be obligated to buy them anything at all. If you really would like to, a nice gesture could be an inexpensive gift for the children. Ask your sister if she has any ideas for you of something that they would like and is age appropriate. Perhaps get them a game or toy that they can all play on Christmas. Another option would be baked goods for the whole family. You can wrap up a little something for every family member. They then have the option of sharing them with everyone on Christmas day, or packing them in their suitcase.