Treat Employees as You Would Like to be Treated

As I was leaving a nice restaurant on a cold night, I was waiting for my car at the valet station. While one valet ran to get my car, I was discussing how cold it was outside with another other one. I looked around and asked him where his heater was so they could keep warm. He said to me “Mam, when someone is making $2,000 per day, he could care less about the people making $2,000 per month.” It took me a moment to realize that his statement meant that his boss is making a lot of money, and could care less about the people who work for him. It was something that really bothered me.
When someone works for your company, and especially when you are fortunate enough to not have to be present, you should treat your employees as you would like to be treated. I have a feeling if the owner of the valet company had to stand in the freezing cold, he would find a way to have some kind of heating unit close by. I have two manners instructors who teach classes for me when I cannot, and I do everything I can to make them feel great about the experience. I financially compensate them for arriving early, staying late, and for long commutes. I will write them notes, bring them gifts, and take them out to dinner. I always ask them how they are doing personally before I launch into what I need from them. As a result, one has been with me for seven years, and the other one four years.
It does not matter if you own a business on Wall Street or Main Street -treating your employees with respect and kindness is simply using good judgment and good manners.