Tip a Dog Groomer?

Dear Mrs. McVeigh,

I have been taking my dog to the same dog groomer for a while. The grooming service is inside an overnight boarding, and daytime dog daycare. All of this time, I have never tipped the dog groomer. The other day when I picked up my dog, they asked me if I wanted to leave a tip. Is tipping a dog groomer something that people typically do, and that I am supposed to do? If yes, do you tip the during the dog day daycare workers, and overnight boarding people? If so, how much? Thank you.


Dear N.S.,

It is a standard practice to tip your dog groomer. I tip mine 20% each time. I think a 15% tip would be fine. I tip mine 20% because we are on a regular schedule, and she has given me good advice about my dogs, such as pointing out potential medical issues. Think of a dog groomer as you would a hair dresser – a hair dresser for your dog. Hair dressers get tipped 15-20%, so think of it in those terms. As for tipping the of them as people who board your dog, or if your dog goes to dog daycare, that is not necessary.