Themes of the Week October 14, 2019

The Mrs. McVeigh's Manners Themes for this week are Respect, and Healthy and Balanced Eating. Here are some questions to ask you student.

Ask your child about what it means to have Respect
• It means you use kind words.
• You use a good tone of voice.
• Reply yes (or no) mam/sir.
• Have good eye contact.

Ask your child about having balanced and healthy, and ask the following questions.
• Name some healthy foods that you like to eat.
• What is a balanced meal?
o When you have all healthy foods, and only one treat, such as a soft drink, or a dessert.
• What would be a good substitute for French fries?
o Fruit.
• What would be a good substitute for a soft drink?
o Water.
• How can it be considered rude if we do not try everything that we are served?
o The person who cooked it may offer to make you something else, if she notices that you are not eating. We never want to make a hostess or host feel like they have to do something special for us.