Themes of the Week February 10, 2020

Ask your child about what it means to have good manners when eating at school, and ask the following questions.

  • When we are at lunch, it is a time to take a break and have fun, so can we use a loud voice, or do we need to use a quiet voice? 
    • A quiet voice.
  • If we do not like everything in our lunch, should we only eat the things we like?
    • No, at least try everything that is in our lunch. 
  • Is it okay to throw food?
    • No.
  • Since we are eating lunch with our friends, do we have to use our good manners?
    • Yes, always use your best manners.
  • If someone is sitting alone, what should we do?
    • Eat with him.

Ask your child the following questions about being a good guest, and a good host:

  • What are the three things that we should remember when we have a guest come over?
    • Invite the person to come in.
    • Ask the person to have a seat, or lead them to where you would like to entertain them.
    • Ask the person if he would like something to drink.
  • What are some things that we should remember when we are a guest at someone’s house?
    • Knock or ring the doorbell once, and be patient while your host gets to the door.
    • Wait to be invited inside. Never barge in.
    • Do not walk around the house on your own.  Wait until your host tells you where to go.
    • When it is time to leave, clean up, and thank your hosts.