Summer Camp Wednesday

Today we learned about Car and Carpool, Conversations, Travel, Airplanes

Ask your child about what it means to have good manners in the car, and the following questions:
• If someone is going to pick us up, how can we show that we are ready?
o Wait outside for them, or at least sit by the window and be ready to go out the door quickly.
• What do we do as soon as we get into a car?
o We shut the door, sit down, and buckle our seat belt.
• Is it okay to put our feet up on the back of the seats? Why?
o You will get the seats dirty, and it could be distracting to the driver.
• What are some things that could distract the driver?
o Being noisy, throwing things, asking to change the radio station too many times…

Ask your child the following questions about airplanes:
• Should you have an extra quiet voice on an airplane? Why or why not?
• Can you get up anytime and move around?
• Name some good activities on an airplane.

Ask your child about what it means to be a good Conversationalist
• It means you are not only a good talker, but you are a good listener.
• You know when to stop talking.
• You do not argue with others.
• You do not use justifiers (words such as basically, umm, etc…)
• You learn how to make “small talk.”

Ask your children about having good manners when they Travel
• What do we say to our parents before and after a vacation?
o Thank you for taking me on vacation.
• Is it okay to fight with our brothers and sisters on a trip?
• When traveling, should we have our things all over our room, or nice and neat?
• Is it okay to do our own thing, or should we stay close to our parents or group at all times?