Summer Camp Tuesday

Today we went over Table Manners, Sportsmanship, Public Ceremonies, Restaurants

Ask your child about having good table manners, and the following questions.
• Who is the hostess?
o The hostess is the female of the house.
• Where does the hostess sit?
o She sits at the head of one end of the dining table.
• Who is the host, and where does he sit?
o The host is the male of the house, and he sits at the other end of the table.
• What is the first thing you do when you sit down?
o Put your napkin on your lap.
• When can you start eating?
o When everyone is seated, is served his food, and the hostess has taken her first bite.
Ask your child the following questions about having good Sportsmanship:
• What does it mean to have good sportsmanship?
o Good sportsmanship is to play fairly and not criticize the referee or other players out loud.
• Give an example of being a poor sport.
• Give an example about being a good sport.
Ask your child the following questions about Public Ceremonies:
• What is a public ceremony?
o A public ceremony is an event, such as a wedding, baptism, bar mitzvah, swearing in of a new citizen, or a public official, such as a mayor.
• When entering a public ceremony, should you enter talking, or not talking?
• Is it okay to put your feet on the seat in front of you, or on kneelers that are found in certain places of worship.
Ask your child about having good restaurant manners, and ask the following questions.
• Who is the first person who greets us at the door, with menus?
o The host or hostess.
• What is the first thing we do when we sit down at our table?
o Put a napkin on our lap.
• If a utensil falls on the ground, what should we do?
o Politely tell the server, and let him or her bring a new one.
• What is the extra money called that we leave for a server?
o A tip.
• What do we do if someone we know (or our parents know) comes by our table to say hello?
o We introduce them to everyone at the table, and stop eating until they leave.