Sometimes it Benefits us to be Rude

We often get uneasy feelings about situations and/or people, and we are always told to “go with our gut.” I have a friend in another state who had her house for sale, and had a person call her realtor to see her house. For many reasons as she was leaving her house and the man pulled up, my friend felt like he was not legitimate. She went ahead and let her real estate agent show the house, but left with an uneasy feeling.
The morning after the showing, my friend’s husband was getting ready for work in his bathroom. He opened the medicine cabinet and noticed that his prescription medicine was missing. My friend then concluded that the man who looked at her house the day before must have taken it. After discussing it with her realtor, her realtor confirmed she walked out of the bathroom before the man did, and he was in there a few extra moments by himself.
Why did my friend not go with her gut? We all have times that we place being polite over our feeling of something that does not seem right. It is tough to confront situations or people and say that we want to do things a different way because we do not want to make them feel uncomfortable or appear rude. If you do have a bad feeling about a person, find an excuse to get out of the situation or away from him. This is a time when lying is okay, and if it is to protect you from a potentially and possibly bad situation, then throw etiquette out the door. When we go against what we are intuitively thinking, we always wonder why we did not speak up.