Rude Sports Family

Dear Mrs. McVeigh,
My son was selected as the first string on his sport’s team over a child who’s family we thought we were friends with. They suddenly stopped speaking to my husband and I once my son was selected, and have heard that they talk about us to other parents on the team. Every new season when we have tryouts, their son makes rude comments to my son.

Over Spring Break my son hurt his arm skiing, and suddenly guess who is texting me all concerned over his injury? Basically this family is glad that my son is injured, so that their son can play. Should I confront the parents? I am scared that I am going to go off on them if they dare talk to me at the next game.
Mad Sports Mom

Dear Mad Sports Mom,
Student sports teams seem to bring out the worst in parents. If you really think that you are going to “go off on them” at a game, I would call the parents and talk about everything so it can be handled in a more civilized way. Perhaps ask the mom to meet for coffee and kindly point out to her that you do not like how she has been behaving. Tell her you know she is saying unkind things about your family to other parents. Explain that you understand that she and her husband want their son to be first string, but because your son is does not mean that you cannot be cordial to one another. Tell her you thought you were friends, and are disappointed that they turned on you after your son had great success. Even if she denies everything, at least you are letting her know that you do not appreciate their behavior, and you are setting a higher standard for your son’s team.