Manners Themes for the Week of October 7, 2019

This week's themes of the week are Table Manners, School Bus, and Mistakes.

Ask your child about having good table manners, and the following questions.
• Who is the hostess?
o The hostess is the female of the house.
• Where does the hostess sit?
o She sits at the head of one end of the dining table.
• Who is the host, and where does he sit?
o The host is the male of the house, and he sits at the other end of the table.
• What is the first thing you do when you sit down?
o Put your napkin on your lap.
• When can you start eating?
o When everyone is seated, is served his food, and the hostess has taken her first bite.

Ask your child the following questions about riding a school bus:
• Should you have an extra quiet voice on a school bus? Why or why not?
• Can you get up anytime and move around?
• Is it okay to shout to your friend across the aisle?
• What should you do if someone is bothering you while on the bus?
o If someone is bothering you, get up and inform the driver when the bus is stopped.

Ask your child about making Mistakes.
• Does everyone make mistakes? YES
• How should you handle a mistake?
• Apologize once - in a good tone of voice - and tell the person how you can fix it.