Let’s Review Tipping…

Dear Mrs. McVeigh,

One of my sons went out to eat last week with a few friends his age. When he commented on the amount of their bill, I asked him how much they tipped. When he told me, I was disappointed (and felt bad for the server) that he and his friends did not leave enough money. I reminded him that you always tip at least 20% while in a restaurant. He said his math teacher taught them 10%. His friend, who goes to a different school, said his math teacher taught him to tip 10% too. I was always told 15-20%. Has that changed?


Unsure Mom

Dear Unsure Mom,

You are correct! Here is some information for all math teachers, and anyone else who is unsure. The standard tip when eating at a restaurant is 15% on the whole total (tax included). The exception to this is if you order a very expensive bottle of wine. You can exclude that from the amount of the bill. I personally believe in being a good tipper, so I always tip 20% for good service. My theory in tipping general is the person who is assisting me probably needs the few extra dollars more than I do. 

Here is a review of what the standard tip is in different situations:

Hair Salon – 10-20% for stylist  (At least $2.00 for separate shampoo person)

Pizza delivery – 15%            

Car wash - $2.00

Nail Salon – 15-20%

Golf Caddie – 15-20%