Know when to stay home!

I was on an airplane last week. After I sat down I started to feel concerned for my health when I heard a lady coughing hard. She basically “hacked” the whole flight, and I just about held my breath every chance I could. I have been on the Parkland Hospital volunteer tour, where the infectious disease lady tells you that every time someone coughs, they are contaminating the air, and you can easily get sick. I was going to a wedding for the weekend, and did not want to get sick for the event, or come back on Monday not feeling well. My worry then turned to being annoyed.

When people are sick, why do they travel on an airplane? Do they not realize how unfair it is to other people, and the chances of contaminating other people are even higher than usual. With all the down time I had on the plane, I started thinking about people who go to work sick. My mom had a co-worker who was notorious for going to work sick. I guess she thought she was going to impress her boss by coming in even though she did not feel well. Staying away from your boss and co-workers when you are sick is way more impressive than getting them sick.

As the airplane was landing, and the lady was coughing, I was praying that I did not develop whooping cough. I made it through the weekend, and this next week without feeling ill. I am grateful for that. But I will be even more grateful if people start thinking about others, and stay home if they are able to contaminate people with their illnesses. It is just bad manners.