Inappropriate PDA

Dear Mrs. McVeigh,
I have two sons, grades 2 and 6. After I pick up the 2nd grader, I go to my 6th grader’s school and get in the carpool line. Everyday that I am in line, I see this older boy and girl making out. It concerns me that they would do this where my youngest son can see them. I really do not even want my 6th grader seeing them. We have 6th – 8th grade at our junior high, and it looks like the two kissing are in 8th grade, but it still seems inappropriate to me on all levels. Maybe I am clueless about what is acceptable these days at what age? What do you think I should do? Thank you.

Dear Anonymous,
There are very few places where extreme public displays of affection are appropriate, and a junior high school is definitely not one of them! I would call the administrative building and let them know what is going on everyday, and encourage them to have someone standing out there, monitoring the situation. In the meantime, if either of your sons notice, explain that the two students kissing are too young for this kind of affection, and that public displays of affection like this are inappropriate. I would take action and be persistent with your school administration until you see the behavior stop.