How to Handle Rude Trick or Treatres!

Dear Mrs. McVeigh,
Last year I was not very impressed with the children who came to my house on Halloween. A lot did not say thank you when they got the candy. At first I offered to let the kids pick candy from the bowl. A lot would take a huge handful, instead of one thing. After I decided to hand it out myself (so I would not run out of candy), one kid said he did not like what I gave him, and threw it back into the bowl. Any advice on how to handle kids who act like spoiled brats on Halloween?

Dear M.T.,
I have had a similar experience to yours. I also noticed a lot of parents standing next to their rude children, and they never correct them. I always say in a loud voice “what good manners you have” to those who say thank you. It then prompts the other children to say thank you. If you have a child who is acting like a brat, I would say, “That is not very good manners.” If their parents are not going to say anything, (or if they are not present), I think you are doing him a favor by correcting his manners.

If you have young children at home, review good manners for trick or treating. Practice offering him the bowl of candy, instruct him to only take one, and expect a thank you. Tell him if he does not like the candy that he receives, still say thank you. If there is a bowl of candy out without anyone home, be honest and only take one piece. Remind your children, and others who come to your door, what good manners look like.