Give Teachers the Benefit of the Doubt

One of my sons came home and said I needed to sign his detention slip – for the second time in the same class. Overall he is a good kid and student, so I questioned him repeatedly. He said his teacher gets mad at him for talking. As a big talker myself, I understood. However it got to the point of two detentions, so I asked the teacher to please call me.
When the teacher called she said that my son was talking a lot and it was distracting to other children. Every time she asks him to stop talking, it takes away class time and hinders other children from learning. I told her that I will speak to him about it immediately, and if it happens again she needs to call me. I said this behavior is unacceptable in our family and next time I will give him a consequence at home. The other end of the phone then went silence. She sort of stuttered and thanked me for “my support.” She seemed so stunned.
Afterwards it occurred to me that most parents must argue with teachers when their child gets in trouble. We live in a society where parents feel like their child is always right, and how dare anyone question his behavior. Children are going to make mistakes – from talking in class to underage drinking. They live with us until age 18 so we can teach them right from wrong. If we don’t tell them what they are doing is wrong – and give consequences - then the behavior continues. What I am saying is common sense, but so many parents are so quick to defend their child, and not let him suffer at all. Let’s all make a bigger effort to help our children become better people. Let’s listen to our teachers and principals, and let them give our children consequences while we support them.